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1) Owner-Conceiver: Toni Kraft

  • Born in Illinois, Toni’s Culinary roots blossomed early with a passion for food and culinary medicine.
  • Toni’s culinary adventures began at Chicago’s Washburn Trade School as the only women in food-service and her first step into combining food & nutrition in aiding local schools also began in Chicago.
  • This beginning then took her to Napa California for her formal corporate training, earning her a B.S. in Hospitality Management with an focus on Culinary Tourism.
  • As a former Local Chamber of Commerce President and School System Fundraising Executive, Toni experienced all the challenges of helping small business and raising funds for Schools , vowing to find a permanent, reliable solution that was a benefit to users in it’s own right!!
  • Owning both a Café, Micro Farm and a Health and Wellness Exposition Company for the past 7 years has brought her to her dream of bringing together in one customer-friendly business.
    • Culinary medicine to the public
    • Essential fundraising to schools & non-profits
    • Support to great local small food businesses

 2) Culinary Consultant: Bruce Knight, President and Founder, Advanced Culinary Assistance Inc.

With over 10 years in the culinary field, Bruce is dedicated to the development of simplified and effective customizable operational controls that restaurant operators, food production managers and others can access and use without the need for significant time or training.  Bruce specializes in leadership staffing, selection and training.

3) Web Systems Architect: Kevin Gyberg,  B2 Software Inc.

  • Web systems and software developer who focuses on Business to Business (B2B), and Business to Consumer (B2C) software with an intimate understanding of the Owner’s vision.
  • Bringing the best, customer friendly web-experience for the community-minded food shopper.


4)   Marketing Agency:  Lane Elliott, Off The Rock Media, Inc. dba WeTubeU

  • Video marketing/production, social media marketing, Ccrowdsourcing, and PR creation and distribution.
  • Provides affordable, HD quality video commercials for website, blogs, social media accounts, email campaigns, and any video marketing outlet.
  • Create brand recognition, search engine page rank, client interaction, and relevance to products and services with our social media marketing solutions.